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Zona chillout en la terraza de La Biga 1973, en Capçanes.

- Romantic rural accommodation in Capçanes - Rural apartment in Priorat - Accommodation for couples in nature

LA BIGA 1973

La Biga 1973 is a Rural Apartment located in Capçanes, El Priorat.

At the foot of the Serra de Llaberia, we find this small town of 400 inhabitants.

A place surrounded by nature ideal for wine lovers.

Kitchen of the rural apartment La Biga 1973, in Capçanes.
Bed in the rural apartment La Biga 1973, in Capçanes.


Re-connect with nature in this cozy apartment.

Ideal for relaxing as a couple, while you enjoy the views of the Serra de Llaberia and the vineyards.

Capçanes, the Village

Capçanes is a little village of El Priorat, in the province of Tarragona, located 45 minutes away from the coast.

The work of the vineyard is the main dedication of the inhabitants, in addition to the olive.

You can walk trails, visit wineries, or discover ancient cave paintings.

View of the town of Capçanes from the vineyards.
View of the Capçanes train bridge.
Cartoixa d'Scaladei, in Priorat
Montsant, in Priorat
Symbol of Priorat de La Biga 1973

El Priorat, the Region

In El Priorat region, the wine tourist will not only find good wines and wineries that can be visited. Furthermore, you will find a great diversity of landscapes that invite you to travel for kilometers and get to know the region through the DO Montsant Wine Route, the Priorat DOQ Wine Route, and the Oil Route. The offer is varied, ideal for demanding wine lovers, but also for curious newcomers.  

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