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    Capçanes is a little village in El Priorat located at 238 m above sea level. The work of the vineyard is the main dedication of the inhabitants, in addition to the olive. You can walk trails, visit wineries, or discover ancient cave paintings. ​ You can get there by train or by car. CAPÇANES, THE VILLAGE How to arrive? By train In Capçanes stops line R15 of the Cercanías de Catalunya. ​ You can check schedules at the following link: ​ ​ ​ Are you coming from Madrid, Zaragoza or Barcelona? You can arrive directly without transfers! R15 RENFE Schedules By car N-420 - TV-3002 *Electric chargers available 7 km away (Falset). What to see and do? Ancient Paintings The Capçanes valleys are home to a treasure in the form of cave paintings, a benchmark for their uniqueness and quantity: they represent the highest concentration of paintings – within a 2 km radius – in all of Catalonia. It is a set of 19 sites located in three ravines in the surroundings of the Sierra de Llaberia, of great artistic quality and surprising for their theme. More information Celler de Capçanes We show you the land we inherited through our wines. In Capçanes, in the south of Priorat, our lands and our people have centuries of wine-growing history and we feel very proud to be able to bottle this tradition today. Celler de Capçanes was founded by five brave families in 1933, 100 years ago. Website Dry Stone Route Capçanes is located in one of the two areas with the richest dry stone constructions in the region (the other area is the Montsant River and the mountain ranges that surround it). In Les Taules area , located to the east of the urban center of the town, a great diversity of dry stone elements is concentrated in a fairly small space.We can see walls, barracks, shelters, corrals, small closets, beehives, land divisions with piles and a lime kiln. Discover the route MTB routes You will find three proposed itineraries to travel by mountain bike that will take you to very different places in the Sierra de Llaberia. The itineraries have varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy both families and the most exploratory athletes. Discover the routes

  • ABOUT LA BIGA 1973 | La Biga 1973

    ABOUT LA BIGA 1973 Where does the name come from? La Biga FROM CATALAN 1 1 f. [AQ] [AR] [EI] [LC] Peça, generally prismatic, much longer than high and wide that, arranged horizontally, serves to support the loads that do not gravitate directly on a wall or a pillar. Example: Bigues de vint-i-sis pams of llarg, de fusta de melis. Biga mestra. 1973 Date painted on the space's girder. The color of the paint has served as inspiration for the graphic design of the website. The hosts Jürgen & Elisa We are father and daughter . ​ We like to imagine what is possible to do in spaces and carry it out. ​ We hope you like staying at La Biga 1973! Before / After WHAT DO OUR GUESTS THINK? Beautiful apartment to disconnect from the city and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the wine culture. Maria, August 2023

  • La Biga 1973 | Apartamento rural en el Priorat | Capçanes, Spain

    - Romantic rural accommodation in Capçanes - Rural apartment in Priorat - Accommodation for couples in nature LA BIGA 1973 La Biga 1973 is a Rural Apartment located in Capçanes, El Priorat. At the foot of the Serra de Llaberia, we find this small town of 400 inhabitants. A place surrounded by nature ideal for wine lovers. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW OUR HISTORY? Apartment Re-connect with nature in this cozy apartment. Ideal for relaxing as a couple, while you enjoy the views of the Serra de Llaberia and the vineyards. MORE DETAILS Capçanes, the Village Capçanes is a little village of El Priorat , in the province of Tarragona, located 45 minutes away from the coast. ​ The work of the vineyard is the main dedication of the inhabitants, in addition to the olive. You can walk trails, visit wineries, or discover ancient cave paintings. DISCOVER OUR ENVIRONMENT El Priorat, the Region In El Priorat region, the wine tourist will not only find good wines and wineries that can be visited. Furthermore, you will find a great diversity of landscapes that invite you to travel for kilometers and get to know the region through the DO Montsant Wine Route, the Priorat DOQ Wine Route, and the Oil Route. The offer is varied, ideal for demanding wine lovers, but also for curious newcomers. WHAT TO DO IN EL PRIORAT?

  • APARTAMENTO | La Biga 1973

    APARTMENT We welcome you to La Biga 1973. A 25m2 open space ideal for relaxing. It has a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, queen size bed, a private terrace with chillout area and, above all, wonderful views... Kitchen Vitroceramic hob kitchen with oven, refrigerator and sink. It has dishes, Italian coffee maker, wine glasses, various kitchen utensils, soap and cloths. ​ ​ Bathroom Full bathroom with rain shower and window to the bedroom. Queen size bed Double bed with views of the terrace. Terrace 30m2 private space with views to the Serra de Llaberia. It has a chillout area and dining table.

  • EL PRIORAT | La Biga 1973

    EL PRIORAT, THE REGION El Priorat​ is a region located in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia. What to do in El Priorat? Serra del Montsant Natural Park El Montsant is a symbol for El Priorat. It is not the highest mountain nor the most extensive, yet the strength of its orography is unquestionable. It is a compact massif, with most of its perimeter walled by cliffs and rock formations of Oligocene conglomerates. DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat wine Priorat is a land that is associated with world-renowned wines and a lively and beautiful agricultural landscape, with Siurana and the Charterhouse of Escaladei as the most notable places of interest. PDO Siurana oil Although it is less known than the wine, the Priorat region produces an extraordinary olive oil. There are a dozen oil mills that can be visited, and the region has the Oil Route which leads the visitor to discover that olive trees are inseparable from the Priorat landscape and that, depending on which towns, they are even the predominant crop. Mainly assigned to the DOP Siurana , the mills work to publicize and share the culture of olive oil, a Mediterranean treasure. TOURISM OFFICE of the Priorat Landscape, heritage, wine and oil routes, hiking, cycling... ​ El Priorat proposes a tourism model compatible with the principles of sustainability that contributes positively and equitably to the economic development and quality of life of the people who live and work in the region. VISIT THE WEBSITE

  • POLÍTICAS DE LA BIGA 1973 | La Biga 1973

    POLÍTICA DE RESERVA ​ 💶 MÉTODO DE PAGO El pago se realiza a través de Transferencia Bancaria . El número de cuenta se indicará en el momento que el cliente contacte a La Biga 1973 . Una vez confirmadas las fechas de reserva, el cliente dispondrá de 72h para realizar el pago por Transferencia Bancaria , en caso contrario, las fechas volverán a estar disponibles, y se deberá volver a contactar con La Biga 1973 para reactivar el proceso. ⏰ ➡️ HORARIO DE CHECK-IN A partir de las 15:00h, hasta las 21:00h (rogamos que el cliente indique a La Biga 1973 la hora aproximada de llegada, para poder efectuar la entrega de llaves). ⏰ ⬅️ HORARIO DE CHECK-OUT Antes de las 12:00h. El cliente podrá salir hasta las 18:00h por un suplemento de 20€, bajo disponibilidad (si no entra un nuevo cliente durante las próximas 24h). ℹ️ INFORMACIÓN ADICIONAL No se admiten mascotas Prohibido fumar en el interior del apartamento (en la terraza está permitido). El número máximo es de 2 huéspedes . Rogamos silencio entre las 23:00h y las 8:00h entre semana; y de 00:00h a 9:00h en fin de semana. Rogamos dejar la estancia recogida: la basura en los cubos correspondientes, y las toallas en el lavabo. Antes de marcharte, asegúrate de que las luces están apagadas. ¡También las de la terraza! 👉🏼 ¡PUEDES RESERVAR EXTRAS! ¿Te apetece que tu estancia sea más especial? ​ Puedes añadir: 🍷 Lote de productos de la zona | €40 🥂 Bombones y botella de cava o vino | 25€ ⭐️ ¿Tienes otro deseo? ¡Coméntanoslo! POLÍTICA DE CANCELACIÓN ​ CONDICIONES GENERALES Reembolso completo para las cancelaciones que se realicen hasta 30 días antes de la llegada. Si el cliente reserva cuando falten menos de 30 días para la llegada, recibirá un reembolso completo siempre que cancele en las 48 horas posteriores a la reserva y al menos 14 días antes del inicio de la estancia. Pasado ese plazo, obtendrá un reembolso del 50 % si cancela hasta 7 días antes de la llegada. Si el cliente cancela cuando quede menos tiempo (menos de 7 días), no recibirá ningún reembolso . CONDICIONES ESPECIALES Solamente se devolverá el 50% del importe abonado si el cliente cancela antes de 30 días para la llegada. Si el cliente cancela cuando quede menos tiempo (menos de 30 días), no recibirá ningún reembolso ​ A aplicar en fechas especiales (y vísperas): Puentes Días festivos (nacionales y locales) Eventos especiales de la comarca del Priorat o del pueblo de Capçanes Vacaciones de Semana Santa (en relación al calendario escolar) Vacaciones de verano (del 20 de junio al 12 de septiembre) Vacaciones de Navidad (del 20 de diciembre al 8 de enero)

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