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El Priorat​ is a region located

in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia.

Map of the Priorat region

What to do in El Priorat?

Vineyards of Capçanes, next to the Guiamets reservoir, Priorat

Serra del Montsant Natural Park

El Montsant is a symbol for El Priorat.

It is not the highest mountain nor the most extensive, yet the strength of its orography is unquestionable. It is a compact massif, with most of its perimeter walled by cliffs and rock formations of Oligocene conglomerates.

Priorat extra virgin olive oil

DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat wine

Priorat is a land that is associated with world-renowned wines and a lively and beautiful agricultural landscape, with Siurana and the Charterhouse of Escaladei as the most notable places of interest.

Serra del Montsant Natural Park, Priorat

PDO Siurana oil

Although it is less known than the wine, the Priorat region produces an extraordinary olive oil. There are a dozen oil mills that can be visited, and the region has the Oil Route which leads the visitor to discover that olive trees are inseparable from the Priorat landscape and that, depending on which towns, they are even the predominant crop. Mainly assigned to the DOP Siurana, the mills work to publicize and share the culture of olive oil, a Mediterranean treasure.

Cartoixa d'Scaladei, Priorat

of the Priorat

Landscape, heritage, wine and oil routes,

hiking, cycling...

El Priorat proposes a tourism model compatible with the principles of sustainability that contributes positively and equitably to the economic development and quality of life of the people who live and work in the region.

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